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St Anthonys Medical Center

3.7/4 1 1

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hauk jayjay | 2014-09-06 22:12:01

Nearly a year ago my fiance was rushed to this hospital, though it was not my first choice....

3.7 out of 4 stars

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10010 Kennerly Road, St Louis, Missouri, 63128, USA

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  • Dolley
    Aug 06 2015 06:08 am

    Your answer shows real innltligeece.
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  • Jeana (Patient)
    Apr 26 2016 03:04 am
    Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet arlecti. Lol thanks
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  • Kaylin
    Apr 26 2016 05:04 pm

    You people obviously have no knowledge of what's useful and what's not. Waste all that time creating an extra feature for nothing. Now rather than only 3 thumbnail choices, if we could choose any thumbnail from the &#i39fl9pbook; now that would be something. But for optics only! that's STUPID!
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  • Lucka (Other Hospital Staff)
    Apr 27 2016 06:04 am
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  • Karsen (Nurse)
    Apr 27 2016 01:04 pm
    since the summer started I have been making and eating yogurt like noob#y&d39;s business :) It's good to see that I can also use yogurt to make such delicious baking goods. The scones look very delicious. Thanks for sharing it.
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  • Nevaeh (Physcian)
    Apr 27 2016 06:04 pm
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