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Mark Wagner, MD

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art | 2018-02-06 18:15:43

I was in constant pain for over 3 years, with lower back, leg, and hip pain, I was referred to...

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15755 SW Sequoia Parkway Suite 200, Portland, Oregon, 97224, USA

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Dr. Mark Wagner - Experienced Hip Arthroscopists on the West Coast.
He treats many general Orthopaedic Disorders, Hip Pain, Hip Arthroscopy, Mako Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement.

Specialties and Areas of Excellence

  • Orthopedic Surgery Services

Mark Wagner, MD is located at 15755 SW Sequoia Parkway Suite 200 in Portland, Oregon in the 97224 zip code. Mark Wagner, MD serves the patients of county, The hospital can be reached by phone at 503-639-6002, and visited on their website at http://www.markwagnermd.com. Mark Wagner, MD is a very small sized hospital .