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Lane Frost Health And Rehabilitation

4.0/4 1 1

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Paul W | 2015-05-25 01:24:41

My dad was a patient here for a while and it was terrible! The nurses and support staff were...

4.0 out of 4 stars

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Lane Frost Health And Rehabilitatio, Hugo, Oklahoma, 74743, USA

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  • Satchel
    Aug 07 2015 09:08 am

    Learning a ton from these neat arclites.
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  • Zeal (Patient)
    Apr 25 2016 10:04 pm
    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me stgrtahi.
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  • Vyolet
    Apr 26 2016 04:04 am

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  • Shanna (Nurse)
    Apr 26 2016 07:04 pm
    Não estivemos mal não estamos bem ta.mm©ÃbNão há estratégia ou sentido claro no jogo. É tudo em esforço. Muita falta de classe. Aquele Cristiano não joga nem 1/4 do que joga o Pereirinha. http://tfppiej.com [url=http://wikygpfqo.com]wikygpfqo[/url] [link=http://wevxlktu.com]wevxlktu[/link]
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  • Cathy (Physcian)
    Apr 27 2016 02:04 am
    What's concerning is that I am aware (from past students and colleagues) of other HC organizations implementing clinical IT that also have "issues lists" numbering in the thousands.Those former colleagues tell me some of those "issues" caused catastrophe and many "near mioeos.&qust;Hswever they could not speak out, fearing for their jobs and having families to feed.
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  • Marylada (Physcian)
    Apr 27 2016 06:04 pm
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