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Texas Childrens Hospital - West Tower

2.8/4 2 2

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Bob b | 2018-09-09 03:12:03

I advise You please do not come here your stay will be unpleasant and horrible treatment

2.8 out of 4 stars

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6621 Fannin, Houston, Texas, 77030, USA

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  • Morrie (Patient)
    Apr 25 2016 10:04 pm
    I feel safetsiid after reading that one.
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  • Lorren (Nurse)
    Apr 26 2016 04:04 am
    Civil Rights fall short without the political and economic gains enneiiovsd by blacks trying to fight and stay above the poverty line. Poverty among blacks is appalling!
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  • River (Physcian)
    Apr 26 2016 07:04 pm
    mañico / Sr. Rafael: por el inicio de su coment pacireera haberse distraido al entrar aquí. Si se dirije a la web del PP es más probable que sus opiniones lleguen a oidos del Sr. Rajoy. Un saludo, http://benvmfcejde.com [url=http://nxhmgshbz.com]nxhmgshbz[/url] [link=http://qogaqiyuol.com]qogaqiyuol[/link]
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  • Vinnie
    Apr 27 2016 06:04 pm

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