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Public Hospitals Vs Private Hospitals

, Public Hospitals Vs Private Hospitals

A private hospital is owned by a for profit company or a non-profit organization. This type of hospital is funded through patient payments. These payments may be made personally by the patients or by their insurance carriers. Private hospitals tend to be well funded through the generosity of benefactors. For this reason they are able to focus on specific maladies or issues plaguing the human body. Often, a benefactor of a private hospital will give a large sum of money for the designated purpose of funding cancer research, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. For this reason, private hospitals tend to offer highly specialized care. Based on this, private hospitals often see patients having traveled a great distance to receive their healthcare in that specific private hospital. Private hospitals tend to be designed to offer specific types of care than their counterpart, the public hospital.

A public hospital, at times referred to as a government hospital, is funded through monies provided by federal, state, or local governments. Public hospitals focus on primary care, trauma, and other services offered to the public both for healthcare and education. Public hospitals are often the first and most direct stop when a high level trauma injury is treated, as their emergency departments are more substantial than their counter parts. Public hospitals, as a group, do not commonly specialize in a focused treatment cause and so are rarely known for specialized care.

The National Association of Public Hospitals and Healthcare Systems (NAPH) is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring and improving care within the public hospital systems. NAPH is focused on raising the standards within the public system and ensuring that all who need care receive it. With more than 200 members throughout the United States of America, the NAPH is committed to meet not only the needs of its members but to ensure that public hospitals continue to maintain open doors offering high quality care to every patient regardless of their income or status.

It is often difficult, or can feel overwhelming, when trying to find the best hospital to fit your specific healthcare needs. However, by researching different hospitals – private or public – a patient can find a hospital that will best address their specific needs. Regardless of the type of hospital you choose, remember that the sworn purpose of each facility, and their employees, is to preserve and improve the health status of all who enter their doors.

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