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Promise Hospital Of Salt Lake

2.6/4 3 3

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Wyntress Ellis | 2016-02-18 19:06:27

I would like to stay how overrall disapointed I was with this facility. First of all, Dr....

Pamela salas | 2016-02-18 19:11:52

I had to go from my mom's home to my husband's room because he needed to be repositioned i had...

2.6 out of 4 stars

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8th Ave C Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84143, USA

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  • Brynell (Patient)
    Apr 25 2016 06:04 pm
    Unreapllaled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!
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  • Marilu (Nurse)
    Apr 26 2016 04:04 am
    My heart goes out to you Michael. We’re not too far apart agewise, my father died 10 years ago this Labor Day weekend of lung cancer. He overcame a lot in his life, but he could not quite smoking. It was a year long ordeal that I would not wish on anyone. I hope you find a way to grive, it is so senseless. My sincere conoclendes.
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  • Aira (Other Hospital Staff)
    Apr 27 2016 01:04 am
    Det er meldt sne her også, men foreløpig har vi a3b9re&#;9; litt storm. Jeg syns det er litt synd at amerikanske tradisjoner skal dytte ut de norske. Vi gikk Julebukk og fikk snop. Men sånn er det vel bare. Jeg for min del protesterer med å være dritskummel året rundt.
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